Hey. Have some info while I take a minute to just not think. Palette has released Nanda (Which honestly just reminds me of Nando’s, which makes me think of peri peri chicken, which makes me hungry. The skin isn’t like chicken though, so there’s that.) She’s available at Salon 52 until September 8th, after which […]

None of your business.

I stole Gagnez, unexpectedly, for this post. A while ago – waaay before christmas, I asked him to help me and he was sweet and did… but the picture was absolute donkey balls so I never used it. It’s about time I got him in a pic again! I’ll say this again for those of […]

Search lights.

All my friends Are charlatans Beetlebots And Clicknauts On salvage nights Under search lights Broken hearts Are useful parts Carry me From the street And love me though I’m obsolete -Bryn Oh.  Please visit their sim Immersiva, it’s the most beautiful story.

Living Dead Girl.

I FEEL SO STINKING CUTE. I demand you get this outfit from Miss Chelsea immediately! Ok so seriously, I started to set my land up for autumn and halloween and I’m just flailing all over because I’m more in the mood for October than I’ve ever been. I don’t tend to jump on the fall […]

Beautiful, glamorous!

Hi there Spoonies, Merry Sunday! It’s entirely possible that during this blog post I might melt. I would love to ask you to join me with a deck chair and a tall glass of lemonade, but it really would be like sitting on Satan’s ballsack, with zero air conditioning and no one wants that, no […]


I’ve always been emotional. When I was at school I got bullied almost primarily because every negative taunt caused me to cry, and I hated it. I’d get told “Just don’t cry and it’ll stop.” but when the tears came anyway, it just left me sad AND frustrated. A lot more recently I’ve learned to […]

Daddy Pickle.

I’d like to thank Shaun for being the inspiration behind today’s post title. You’re a little gem, dude. ♥ I’m bringing back some nostalgic vibes with #manpicklemonday today! There’s so many great things from Anthem to pick up, I couldn’t resist showing them off – and when paired with the stunning skin from Revoul, well, […]

Move on.

Today’s post has left me doing a little bit of soul searching. Earlier today, I was browsing facebook and came upon a post regarding toxic traits of people who have been abused (note, abuse doesn’t mean physical in this sense, but it doesn’t eliminate the severity of physical abuse) and suddenly realized “Shit. That’s me.” […]


I finally sat down to watch ‘Black Mirror’ and on one of the episodes called Hang the DJ, the female lead makes a statement to the male lead about halfway through their time together about how they’re just going through the motions of connections with people, only to get so worn down with the wrong […]

Have hope.

I’m pretty much constantly disappointed in people at the moment. I mean, not everyone of course. I’ve managed to grab and hold on to a couple of people who just make my heart sing, and are teaching me everyday that I need to have patience and appreciate what I have in my life, and that’s […]