Search lights.

All my friends Are charlatans Beetlebots And Clicknauts On salvage nights Under search lights Broken hearts Are useful parts Carry me From the street And

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I’ve always been emotional. When I was at school I got bullied almost primarily because every negative taunt caused me to cry, and I hated

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Daddy Pickle.

I’d like to thank Shaun for being the inspiration behind today’s post title. You’re a little gem, dude. ♥ I’m bringing back some nostalgic vibes

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Move on.

Today’s post has left me doing a little bit of soul searching. Earlier today, I was browsing facebook and came upon a post regarding toxic

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I finally sat down to watch ‘Black Mirror’ and on one of the episodes called Hang the DJ, the female lead makes a statement to

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Have hope.

I’m pretty much constantly disappointed in people at the moment. I mean, not everyone of course. I’ve managed to grab and hold on to a

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I had a nap today, which means I’ll probably be awake all night after I just sorted out my sleep schedule again. I’m nothing if

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