I know, I know… how many heads should one avatar own? Honestly, I think one is probably enough but I’m still gonna rock a million different looks regardless of how many sit in my inventory! That’s the amazing part of Secondlife for me, being able to change my look with a few dollars and a […]


Sometimes it takes days for me to work out a post, and other days it comes in a matter of minutes. This one was a combination. I put on this gorgeous ‘fit from Promagic and immediately felt like Jasmine from Aladdin, and knew I wanted to involve man-alt Durex as the ‘lead’, even though the […]

Seal of approval.

Lake! Oh, how I love theee, Sister of Erin & Nova, one of the Lelutka tribe… you are my new favourite. Ok I’m a bit bonkers today. I left the house, had a minor melt down because once again the NHS is a dickbag, BUT! Through all that, I survived and I bring with me […]


I might be getting to grips with these headshot things a little more than I ever have before! Anthem has flung open it’s doors and brings with it a ton of beautiful new shiny things for your wallets to groan at! Want some credits? Check below! Make it a beautiful day, Spoonies. xoxo


I woke up late today which always throws me off. I had plans for more painting, but obviously that didn’t come to fruition, because by the time I felt decent enough to do anything except feel sorry for myself, it was 7pm. The good news is that now I don’t feel as sorry for myself. […]

Enjoy it.

HAY THUR. I’m still a bit loopy from paint fumes, and I feel like I must warn you that it’s only going to get worse, there’s a whole lotta painting to do in that thar living room! I had a delightful chat today with a friend, who I want to smoosh a bunch and I […]


Hi, I’m tired. I painted a ceiling yesterday and it needs another coat but I can’t do it because i’m basically a marshmallow of nope. I don’t know what a marshmallow of nope is, but it seemed appropriate, maybe it’s the paint fumes making me loopy. There’s some things here that you might like, if […]


Hi! I don’t have anything witty or exciting to talk about today, because I’ve mostly been masking taping my entire life away in an attempt to decorate the living room. I have a feeling this is going to take me a while! That being said, check out the pretties in my picture, and find some […]

Join me.

Today has just been one thing after another, and it’s driving me slightly bonkers! The only thing keeping me sane is that Pickle is currently looking hot af and blatantly ready for bed – maybe not in the way I wanna go to bed, but perhaps she’s got someone to join her. DUN DUN DUN! […]

Comfortable feels.

Today I pulled apart some shelves that have probably been hiding in my home for about 30 years. They were gross and now I am. Also, as a side note I hate raw plugs. The end. Not gonna lie I was a little surprised to become a return blogger for Evani, but they (and the […]