Heller! I feel like the classiest broad in hoe-town today! I’m just loving how this look turned out. It all started with Mila’s final skin of the Skin fair, Josefina. I think Josefina might be my favourite. She gives me Hollywood Glam, and maybe there’s a lil Megan Fox there too, just no vials of […]


Heller! I did the thing with the merging of two me’s with this pic and I kind of love it. Miss Chelsea is busy updating their items for perky & petite bodies, and you can find this set at the Itty Bitty Titty Committee, it’s actually one of my favourite sets and was a collaboration […]


Hi, I’m tired. I painted a ceiling yesterday and it needs another coat but I can’t do it because i’m basically a marshmallow of nope. I don’t know what a marshmallow of nope is, but it seemed appropriate, maybe it’s the paint fumes making me loopy. There’s some things here that you might like, if […]


I’ve been trying for a little while to put more colours together in my outfits. I don’t always succeed and that’s why you might have missed the colours in my blog – i’m just not confident with them, yet. I tend to work better with putting pastels together, so that’s what I’ve done today. These […]


Hey spoonies! While it’s still fresh in a lot of people’s minds, I wanted to talk a bit about the Beau-tube drama that occurred over the past few weeks and relate it to SL. It’s pretty much been impossible to avoid as it seemingly crept into main-stream media, but for those of you who don’t […]