Ohai sweet spoonies! I have some things from Anthem and some pretty eyeballs from Lotus, so go buy all the things, ok? The Lotus Light Eyes are available at the current round of Dubai and are available in the four colours shown above. It’s also a really good way to see a closeup of the […]

Hubble Bubble.

Hai, I can’t help feeling like I’m about to go on a soliloquy about ” poor Yorick” or Hubble Bubble it out with the other witches! I have some pretties from Moss&Mink and the ongoing Epiphany event today, so grab a cuppa and check the credits.  

Comfy Kuma.

Oh hai there. This entire scene developed after Bleue approached me to peek at the gorgeous omlette creation she’s created with her partner, and immediately after that i was a bear Pickle cooking breakfast for the masses. Ok not the masses, just me, because i’m a chonk. The yummy [Cat-Noodle] Comfy Kuma Omelette will be […]


I’m featuring some items from the Enchantment event this round that is themed “King Arthur” and have decided to take it upon myself to depict Guinevere and Lancelot in an embrace, because who doesn’t secretly stan the underdog? I’ve enlisted Durex, mainly because I’m a derp but that’s a WHOLE other story, and he’s wearing […]

#FreebieFriday 002

What’s that you say? Another freebie friday? Well yes, Spoonies. I’ve searched the grid for some fabulous free, nearly free – and for this post only – heavily discounted items that aren’t free but are amazing deals nonetheless! The problem with saying “Freebie Friday” is that it insinuates that everything has no cost. That’s not […]