MY LIVINGROOM IS PAINTED. Enjoy a picture cus ya girl (who says that without irony?) is tireeeed. xoxo.

Jump into something.

Today has been a little bit bonkers, but also really good. Sometimes we rule with emotion, or with passion, and while those qualities are admirable in small doses when we rush head first into believing everything that we think during those times, it can lead us to think on a grander scale than if we […]


Hi. Today is around day 16 of ‘self isolation’ for me. I found out i’m running low on certain medication, which is sending me spiraling a little. My Dad usually handles all that for me, but he’s in the high risk group too at the moment, and the last thing I want is him leaving […]

Join me.

Today has just been one thing after another, and it’s driving me slightly bonkers! The only thing keeping me sane is that Pickle is currently looking hot af and blatantly ready for bed – maybe not in the way I wanna go to bed, but perhaps she’s got someone to join her. DUN DUN DUN! […]


I’m still a bit sick and I really don’t feel like typing a bunch of stuff today, so you’re gonna just have to look at pretty pictures of this gorgeous Essences skin and read some credits, okay?   The Alice skin comes available with BOM and appliers for Genus, in 8 tones as shown above. […]


Hey Pickle, wtf? Yesterday you were complaining about your ex and so far this week you’ve taken photo’s with two dudes, do you need some protection? I just thought I’d say it before anyone else did. Sometimes I use my alt for photos. Other times I use pretty guys I know, or sometimes don’t really […]

Making plans.

I stole my new frand Christian for this picture, so shout at him if you hate it because it’s probably his fault. Not really though. He was very patient and very sweet so thank you, Christian. I’m sick atm. The kind of sick that means I’m sleeping for 6 hours and then awake for two. […]

Who knows!

I can’t help feeling like Pickle looks a little startled if you gaze at this picture from a distance. That’s okay, it’s a new year, so maybe she’s just blinded by the possibilities in her future? Who knows! I’m repping Anthem and Dappa today, the tattoo is available at Access and the eyes, lipstick and […]

Take a nap.

Hey, hello hi! I got some Revoul thingies today, ok? Ok. This is the Heart Dropiana Collection, which as you might recognize is based on some of the hawt instagram looks for winter. I definitely recognize the MannyMua scandal, and also one from James Charles too! There are 6 tattoo’s for your genus head included, […]

My anxiety

I know a lot of people suffer with anxiety, but I only know what -mine- feels like. My anxiety means that some days I’ll sleep for 4 hours, and some days I’ll sleep for 14. My anxiety means I won’t make that call until I’m having a good day. My anxiety means I can start […]