Handle me.

Let’s give this a try for the sake of Mental Health Monday. I’m not sure how this is all going to come out, it might be one gibbering wreck of absolute booty, but it might make enough sense for me to put some perspective back into my life and figure out not only accountability, but […]


#MentalHealthMonday? Okay. I’m tired. This has pretty much been a consistent thing for the last forever, but now it has a whole new meaning. I briefly spoke on the fact that my high functioning autistic daughter is now living with me again, which is absolutely amazing. However, I can’t help feeling that her time with […]

Caught myself falling.

For a while I’ve not been writing in this blog, not ‘properly’ how I used to, I’ve been saying “I’m tired” a lot, and I am, but it’s the good tired. I decided to take a few minutes today to actually sit down and give an update on a bit of everything. If you don’t […]


I say this quite often, but this week has been a year. I’d like to say the things I’m currently trying to get my head around are just normal things. But they’re NOT normal things. They’re most definitely things that secondlife people would understand, but anyone outside of this environment might think that they’re just […]

Forever changed.

I’ve come to the realization that i’m forever going to be accepting apologies I never receive, and that’s pretty tough. I’m not sure why the word “I’m sorry” is so hard to say. You might not understand what’s wrong, but just saying that phrase and meaning it can settle a bundle of issues. “I’m really […]

Glow up.

Hallo. So I’m definitely not a Pickle anymore. Let’s do a brief kindofsortofmentalhealthmondaybutnotexactly. I know what I want now, and for the first time in a long time, I know how to get out of situations i’m uncomfortable in without creating a massive scene. Admittedly, I still WANT to make a massive scene, but the […]


I took this picture three times, with three different male models. I edited all of them too. Here’s what I realized from the first picture I edited : Not everyone who claims they want to protect you will, and not everyone you want to protect wants your protection. Here’s what I learned from the second […]

Old wounds.

I decided to take a trip into my inventory and start cleaning it up again today. Two years ago it was pretty bad, but i’ve managed to keep mostly on top of it, but there are some times where months go by and i just leave things un-sorted, and this was one of those times. […]

Flawed and human.

Hey, it’s not monday but have a mental health talk. A few posts back I started to talk about how I was changing my eating habits to become a more slender version of myself and hopefully improve my health both mentally and physically. I’m still doing that, although I did cave and eat chicken wings […]


This is kind of a mental health monday update, but not really, but kind of. Ok? Glad we’re on the same page. On friday I was due to have a phone interview from a service in my area. They sent a letter (to the wrong address) asking me to confirm whether between 1-4pm on friday […]