Best intentions.

Some days start out with the best intentions, and then somewhere along the way I get a little distracted. I guess that’s why my posts aren’t coming as frequently as they used to. I used to be able to push a blog post out every day. Now some weeks i’m lucky if there’s three. I […]

Fields of Yellow.

I’ve mentioned many times how much i love sunflowers. Something about their sunny faces and the fields of yellow they produce just fill my heart with happy vibes. Another thing filling my heart with happy vibes is this gorgeous skirt and top combination by Palette. Available with an array of colours and patterns, each is […]

Flame harlot.

Anthem is open! I feel like I’m living my best flame haired harlot life! Not much to say today. I had a bit of BPD brain last night and said some things to someone who doesn’t deserve any of my attention anymore. It’s annoyed me all day, but I’m sure it’s nothing a good night’s […]


Hello, happy sunday! I was in some kind of a mood last night, sort of lonely for a partner but also in an “I don’t need no man” kinda mindset. So, I took a photo. I like it. And this is that photo. Please stare at my rump, and buy all the things, okay? Just […]


Hay! This adorable dress from Osmia is making my heart so happy. What you can’t see is the sweet little slip of rolled down strap over the boob, so it’s just a little bit cheeky! Make it a beautiful day, Spoonies. You’re worth it.

Sing you home.

You ever listen to a song and it instantly transports you back to the place you were when you heard it for the first time? “Frankie” used to blare out of the radio my mum would listen to in the mornings when I was a small child. “Do you remember me?” the female singer would […]


Hay! So there’s more skins from Palette. Wanna see? IT’S CALLED LUCY. (I’m not shouting, I’m excited!)   She’s available in four tones – Pale, Rosy, Milk and Fair. The Pale and Rosy tones are -new- tones to the Spicy Bodyshop skins (which Palette uses for their body, they’re also available at the Palette mainstore!). […]


Ohai! I’m feeling tropical and gorgeous today! Make it a beautiful day, Spoonies. You’re worth it. xoxo

Summer hater.

I don’t have anything fancy to say today.   Make it a beautiful friday, Spoonies. xoxo

This one!

Hey, hello, I know I’ve been doing a bunch of Headshots this week, but have you SEEN THIS HEAD? It’s my new favourite. I know I say that -every- time Lelutka brings out a new head, and then go back to Erin, but I really do love this one okay? I do! To celebrate the […]