About Me

My name is Pickle Pop (Formerly LollipopLace Resident & Also Milky Puddles) inside of SecondLife.

I’ve been on Secondlife for 10+ years and have worn many hats. If there’s one thing I’ve learned in my time in world, it’s that there is scope for creativity, and I choose this blog to express mine.


I decided to do a thing, and then I stopped, so I’m leaving this here in case I ever do things again. *blinks* More details? Sure! I like to ramble! I’ve decided to open up for commissioned photography, which has been a bit of a long time coming. So, there’s a few things I need to explain here.. 1. Photography, and art, is subjective. Please look through my flickr and little gallery at the studio to ensure that what I provide is something you will be happy with. If you have a certain style, discuss that with me. MAYBE i can pull it off, but if you don’t see it anywhere on my flickr, the chances are it’s not something I’m capable of doing. I will always be honest with you in my capabilities!2. The quality of my work may well depend on how up-to-date your avatar is. I know, I know, that’s a really snobby thing to say, Pickle! But the truth is, if you come to me with a system avatar and flexi hair, it will mean a LOT of post processing for me, and like I said, I’m no expert! I can only edit what I see. Please don’t be offended if I make suggestions on hair or clothing choices, as editing in world is just as important as post-processing.3. I will show you a gyazo of the pre-edited image to ensure you’re content with it. If you’re not, you need to speak up and not be worried about offending me, just the same as I will tell you if I feel like something could be changed. Honesty really is the best policy here, and it’ll save us BOTH wasting time.4. Be sure in the style of photograph you’d like. If you’d like me to make the decisions, I will discuss this with you at your appointment, but I still need a pricing point!5. Please have a basic grasp of your huds for your head/body. I can walk you through most of them, but there are certain brands I am unfamiliar with. I am happy to do photoshoots that involve :

I am uncomfortable with :

Pricelist :

I expect full payment up front. No re-shoots of the same photo will take place unless they are on my request. On arrival to your photoshoot, I politely request that you be ready to be photographed. This means making sure you’re wearing the outfit you want to use, and having pre-discussed any potential props/poses/backgrounds you’ll be using. I have an extensive inventory and will happily pre-make a custom scene for your shoot with enough notice given. Extra cost MAY incur on this, depending on the detail. If you want a specific pose that I do not own I kindly request you gift me it – this gives me the option of editing it where necessary. I do not make poses, but I can adjust modifiable ones.I expect to provide your completed photograph, full permissions, to you within a five day period.

Actual things.

Firstly and most importantly for me, I  live in England. Those spelling mistakes you find in my blog are hopefully just Englandisms (I don’t know if that’s a thing, but it is now.)

I’m over 40. I don’t look it in SL (or RL, if the off licence is to be believed), but I like to think I’m getting used to the idea of being an actual practicing adult, and about flippin’ time too!

The past couple of years have been absolutely eye opening for me, and I’ve discovered a lot about myself. In healing and making changes in my life, I’ve decided I’d really like to focus more on mental health, hence the #mentalhealthmonday on this blog! I have seemingly allowed this to slip to the wayside, but that’s a good thing for me, because it means that most of my healing is now done internally. Yay growth!

About 5 years ago I was diagnosed with BPD – Borderline Personality Disorder. It explained a lot of my past behaviour but does not excuse it. It’s taken me a while to forgive myself for my faults, and move on in a more positive direction.

Around 2017, my daughter was finally diagnosed with Autism and once again, it explained a lot of her behaviours. I’m still educating myself on both of these ‘conditions’ but I fully believe in knowledge being power – the more I know, the better I can cope with both of our challenging behavioral patterns.

I’m trying to be a gentler person, to forgive and spread kindness. Some days this seems a little far fetched but that just serves as a reminder that my journey isn’t over yet, and I’m so excited to share my experiences and stories with you!



I’ve been blogging for around 7 years now, and have done over 1000 posts. After some soul searching in May of 2019 I decided to revamp my blog and moved it to another hosting site, keeping the original web address so that any followers I might have wouldn’t get too lost! For any posts pre-May 2019, you can find them on my Blogspot blog @ www.PickledKaleidoscope.Blogspot.com.

You might find that I refer to you, the reader, as a “Spoonie”. This isn’t an insult, in fact, it’s just a way that my friends and I equate our energy levels to objects and refer to the amount of spoons as an indication of higher or lower levels of patience or physical energy. I’m going to link the original article >Here< It’s definitely worth a read. My explanation can be found >Here<

I’m a big fan of changing up my avatar. I have multiple heads, most of the bodies and really love to create looks that aren’t necessarily ordinary.

I’m quite opinionated and sometimes I like to write things along with my pretty pictures. Sometimes those things will correlate with the pictures, other times, they’ll seem completely random. I’m okay with this. It’s taken me a long time to settle into a place where I’m comfortable as a blogger, and I finally feel like I’m there.

I have lots of plans for the future, hopefully they’ll come to fruition… watch this space, yeah?