Smile and wave.


When I was younger my Grandad had a caravan at the beach. It was terribly cramped, but it was on a lovely campsite and we always made friends with some people while we were there, and generally it was a good time. I have very vivid memories of my Dad considering himself a photographer, and when we’d go to the crappy pebble beach that was a 5 minute walk from our campsite, he’d want to prop us up on random items and take our pictures. I kinda feel like that’s how Pickle looks here. Caught between feeling cute and wanting a picture taken but not really sure what to do with herself on the big ol’ limpet covered rocks except smile awkwardly and wave.

Make it a beautiful day, Spoonies. You’re worth it. xoxo.

All the things


Head : LeLUTKA Head. Briannon.

Skin : Pepe Skins – Lelu X

Hair : SUPER OLD Gacha *PH* disordered hair-II // #4

Outfit (Including bag, shoes, kini & shirt) : .miss chelsea. Avah Set @  Anthem

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<3 Pickle