Today is a very special day, because one of my favourite people in the world is celebrating the day of their birth. My BunBuns!

I don’t think she’s expecting this post today, cos i sneakily told her that it wouldn’t be ready for a couple of days, but what can I say? I couldn’t resist!

I’mma get sappy but this is MY blog, so tough titties. I never expected Bunny. In fact the first time I invited her to meet in world, as soon as she left I turned to another friend and said “What the heck was that? I dunno if I like her.” But the reason I didn’t like her is because she was TOO FUCKING NICE. Legitimately, the only reason I didn’t trust her was because OTHER people in SL want something when they’re that bloody lovely. Buns doesn’t, she just wants to chill out and vibe, and occasionally be super petty over dumbass SL shit.

Every part of Buns is bathed in this warm glow of awesome. She doesn’t really understand the true beauty of who she is, and that in of itself is amazing – because she’s stunning on the outside, too! I’m blessed to be able to call her my friend in both worlds – because rest assured if we’re not inworld together, she’s never far away.

I am so grateful to her, because she’s taught me that not everyone has an agenda, and she reminds me of that daily. She has also reminded me that we can disagree, or have a misunderstanding and still be super close and for a long time I haven’t felt that. I’m always so scared that if i am not 100% who someone else wants me to be I will not be accepted – but she actually accepts me, exactly as I am, weird flaws, emotional moments AND asshattery. Her loyalty is unwavering, and I hope that I feel her presence in my life forever.

With that said, have a picture that absolutely depicts the incredible feels i have whenever we’re together. When you’re surrounded with people like my Buns, every day should be celebrated and enjoyed.

Make it a beautiful day, Spoonies. You’re worth it. xoxo



THESE are the Cynful shoes that are designed in mind with the outfit shown. If you look closely on the main picture, you’ll see that the outfit comes available in two styles – sheer and fishnet, and as beautiful as the outfit is, you really can’t see the shoes too well, and i’m sure they’re going to be a very welcome addition to anyone’s inventory, because they’re stunning, and perfect for the upcoming summer months!

ALSO! Find Bunny on flickr >here< and a big thank you to Sinister for jumping in and being an extra man-dolly with Durex.

Ok now you can hop away! Thank you!

All the things

On Pickle (In Pink) :


Head : LeLUTKA Head. Briannon.

Skin : Pepe Skins – Lelu X / Fen V2

Hair : Lamb. Zelda II

Entire outfit : Cynful Selena’s Summer @ Equal10 Tomorrow

Bottle/flower : Dots – Dahlia Bottle

Find Bunny on flickr >here<

Durex & Sinister were man-dollies, no credits.

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