I don’t know. Okay? I really, really do not understand why I can’t reach this level of photography consistency and it actually grinds my gears to know i can pull this off but yesterdays photo i didn’t like at all. This one is everything i wanted it to be – if I was more talented with backgrounds i might have absolutely blown this out of the park… but let me just toot my own horn for a minute because BEEP BEEP, I love Pickle in this whole ensemble, and the picture makes my heart sing with the happy.


Reborn has nipples! I know you’re sat there going “WOT PICKLE? REBORN ALWAYS HAD NIPPLES!” but they’re releasing new ones, in HD for the Skin Fair and they’re beautifimous. They come with a few tones in the hud, or you can smack it on BoM (not AUX1 if you’re a Lelutka EVOX head wearer, wearing the tattoo layer for your ears, or you’ll have ear nipples which are funny, but probably not the look you’re going for), and it’ll apply the texture from your skin or your favourite BoM appliers. There’s also the option for 3rd party appliers, so keep an eye on that! I’m including a pic of the hud below, with some more random rambles after haha.


If you already own the reborn body (which you should, and you can find my full review on my blog >Here<) you’ll probably recognize the nipple hud. The nipnops do seem to be controlled by the regular hud too, but i guess if you want to tint your nips independently, or add more gloss/intensity etc to them without it affecting your entire reborn body, this would be the way to achieve that.  The hud also shows you the included textures for your nips, and the ‘sizes’ too, as standard on your reborn body.

I think that’s just about it!

Make it a beautiful day, Spoonies. You’re worth it.

All the things

Pose & Katanas : [ Quixotica ] Katana Pose Collection – I can’t remember which one, sorry.


Nipples :  eBODY– REBORN – HD Nipples – @ The Skin Fair opening March 11th

Head : LeLUTKA Head. Avalon.

Skin : . Nar Mattaru . Freyja Skin {Ghost} Evo X .

Nipples BoM : CRY BB. heart nipples [EBODY REBORN]

Hair : [monso] Jinx Hair – Currently available as a donation item for the Love to Ukraine Event.

Flower Headdress : kotte – hellebore crown – black

Mask : CURELESS [+] Procedure Mask / VINYL BLACK CLEAR

Shoulder Feathers : .aisling. Velasco

Outfit : AURICA Nancy Outfit @ Whore Couture


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