Think of me fondly.

Hi, heller howareya? I’ve been hanging out with Marius for a few weeks now. We tend to run around to Live Singers and create gentle mischief in ThoseSimsThatShouldn’tExist. It’s been a fun time, and when I asked him if he’d be my man-dolly for this picture his response was “WELL I’VE BEEN WAITING FOR YOU […]

Pretty things.

Hai! I have some pretties from Blanc and Lotus! Ready? The Nova Eyes are available at the current round of Dollholic, sold in two packs with a fatpack bonus! Check below for all the pretty things! Make it a beautiful day, Spoonies. You’re worth it xoxo.  


Hai, hey, hola! Cynful’s sheer corset dress has me living my best peachy fantasies today. I paired it with this gorgeous hair from Exile that i stumbled across this weekend and knew I needed, and the This Is Wrong tattoo from the weekend sales. I can’t help but sit back and adore how i look […]


Hellooooo! Miss Chelsea has released this super cute, spring themed shirt and shorts set, and I am officially in love. You can hide the bra section of the top to make it a lil more cheeky if you like too! Also, yes, i’m using the Daisy’s again. Sorry not sorry, if something is in my […]


Ohai, WUFF! I’m ready for playtime! This adorable animated prop gag is perfect for Pupper Pickle, she can get a lil rowdy! It’s so stinking cute and available from BabyBoo! Make it a beautiful day, Spoonies. You’re worth it xoxo.

Lilacs and lavenders.

The UK is experiencing weirdly warm spring weather. It’s not super warm (we’re still going to complain about warmer than mediocre, we are after all, British), but my hayfever has definitely been activated and this field of lavender is making me feel sneezy just looking at it! Haha. The adorable ROSIE set from Ascendant is […]


How freakin’ stunning is this Zuri skin from leLAPEAU??? I love her so much. She’s available in 6 tones, 3 glam and 3 velour body matching, and they’re each as beautiful as the next. Here’s how she looks in basic settings in all her tones :   Also, these Karma Eyes from Lotus are making […]

Bebe X

It’s been a while since I pulled out Bebe Pickle, but this new BabyX head from Akeruka made me SO stinking happy, I just had to try and make her pretty. The head itself is pretty androgynous, as i was setting it up I could see more boy pickle than girl, but the hair is […]

Little Red.

Hey, Hi, Hello. This is your not very regular reminder to be a good person, and not intentionally hurt people simply because you are hurting. Can’t cope? Communicate. Need help? Communicate. Gonna let someone down? Communicate. I feel like Pickle is cosplaying a much more adult version of Little Red, and is continually fumbling along, […]


Hi hi! Along with the gorgeous Milan head, Lelutka has released Noa at the Skin fair. Noa is for the masculine peoples, he has a chiseled jaw and reminds me of an evoX version of Guy, who was my favourite Lelutka Male Head for the longest time, pre-evo/evox. I’m wearing him with Aradia’s new skin […]