Thicc Thighs.

Ohai there.

I stole Ne0n again, mostly because he has warm hands (seriously, he’s like a human radiator!)

These stockings from Aurica are absolutely the cutest, they have that adorable ‘squeeze’ that’ll make your thicc thighs look lush!

Make it a beautiful day, Spoonies. You’re worth it. xoxo

All the things

Pickle wears :


I’m wearing an add on hoohah (not a sexytime one!) : #Dios – Puss Add On
And a pair of panties that lets my hoohah nom them (cough) : #Dios – Mimi Thong

Tattoo : “JoroGumo” (female)_by GoK

Stocking : AURICA Freya Socks @ The Warehouse Sale

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<3 Pickle