Movie time.

My beautiful SL daughter sent me a care package all the way from America! I got reeses cups, nerd clusters, some home made toffee (It was so nommy!), some pies, and popcorn and loads more! She suggested me and my rl daughter had a movie night, so yesterday when my child visited, we did just that and shook a tin over a hot flame until all the popcorn popped (I think we’re both somewhat scarred from the experience – we’d never seen anything like it!), and ate practically a bucket of popcorn while watching tv under a blankey. It was truly lovely!

So, that’s why I’m having Movie Time in SL today, so that I can remind myself that I am surrounded with some amazingly kind, beautiful people who will make such huge efforts to put a smile on my face. When this one day pops up in my memories on facebook I will grin from ear to ear remembering the fun I had trying american foods, and the gratefulness I feel for being loved so wholly by people I have never been face to face with.


Make it a beautiful day, Spoonies. You’re worth it. xoxo.

All the things


Head : LeLUTKA Head. Kaya

Skin : [Heaux] Caro @ Blanc

Hair : DOUX – Narla Hairstyle

Hairband : +Half-Deer+ Blossom Baby – Rose Crown – Pastel

Outfit : Gaia – elicia denim jeans & Gaia – elicia knit sweater @ Kustom9

Shoes : [SHIFUKU] Everyday Pumps @ Blanc

Coke : KitCat – Dr. Pepper Soda @ Blanc

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