Love me not.

Hi, hello, howareya? I hope you’re all out there showing yourself love and giving yourself all the cuddles you need today, or relaxing with loved ones and cuddling them instead! 😛 I’ve got some goodies from Blanc, Lotus & Mila today! The Mila Nika Skin is available in 7 tones, shown above. She has a […]

Movie time.

My beautiful SL daughter sent me a care package all the way from America! I got reeses cups, nerd clusters, some home made toffee (It was so nommy!), some pies, and popcorn and loads more! She suggested me and my rl daughter had a movie night, so yesterday when my child visited, we did just […]

Thicc Thighs.

Ohai there. I stole Ne0n again, mostly because he has warm hands (seriously, he’s like a human radiator!) These stockings from Aurica are absolutely the cutest, they have that adorable ‘squeeze’ that’ll make your thicc thighs look lush! Make it a beautiful day, Spoonies. You’re worth it. xoxo

Mic up.

Hello, Hi, Howareya! I thought i looked cute, so I added a mic and decided to become a trans-atlantic singing superstar sensation. I hope it makes you smile because i had so much fun with this! There’s a few items from Equal10 here, which is still open! If you haven’t been and had a peek, […]

Good Morning.

I really like pancakes for breakfast, and Cat-Noodle has bought this to life with the absolutely delicious looking Puffy Fluffy Pancakes available at Shiny Shabby this round. When you pair the pancakes with the beautiful robe from Cynful (FLF, GRAB IT FAST!) and this stunning new Kitchen Set from Moss&Mink i’m sure you’ll agree all […]


Hoi hai hellow! Hope you’re all living your best life this Saturday! Here’s some things; The Lotus Cancer eyes are part of the Zodiac Collection, and they’re just beautiful to me. The little heart pupil is so subtle but so stinking cute.. and the delicate lights that seem to just shoot into the centre of […]


I STOLE A NE0N. He was such a good man-dolly last time, I whisked him away to a fantasy room in the alps where i forced him to put his thumb in my mouth cus of uh, reasons? Look, I don’t know ok. Glitzz released this corset set around Christmas time, and honestly I’ve been […]

Doing witchy things.

Ohai! I stole a Bunny, it’s our first collab of 2022 and I find that super exciting! I made an extra effort with this picture because the raw was so pretty without an edit, so uh, here we are, two lil witches doing witchy things lol. You can find all Bunny’s (She’s on the left!) […]


Hi hello howareya! So a few people know that I had a houseguest this weekend, and that’s why my posts have been a little bit slower than usual. That being said, I really don’t have it in me at the moment to do more than one picture showcasing items from sponsors, and although I’m wearing […]


Hai, hello, howareya? Miss Chelsea produced this absolutely stunning set for Equal10. The fatpack contains so many cute details and patterns that just make my heart so happy! Check out the event to grab the hair i’m wearing from Doux too! Make it a beautiful day, Spoonies. You’re worth it. xoxo.