I stole Bunny, who was lucky enough to win one of the Gaia Facebook giveaways for the beautifimous new outfit that is currently available at Kustom9, so naturally I had to take advantage of that and have a delicious picnic with the stunner! Check out Bunny’s flickr >Here<

I’m nomming on the Cat-Noodle “Sloppy Sandos” which are still out at Shiny Shabby. I’m eating the Katsu option, but there’s also a Tamago version too. Both have the holdable snack boxes and the individual sandwiches, and are posed for both male and females. There’s even a dispenser version for you to put out at your roleplay picnics, or to share with your friends & family!




Lastly, off in the distance you might notice the adorable little potting shelf & seeds from Moss&Mink. I’ve really not done this item any justice – I’ll never be comfortable with my decor skills but trust me when i say this is well worth a closer look, and will be the perfect accompaniment to your garden, no matter what the season.

Make it a beautiful day, Spoonies. You’re worth it. xoxo.


All the things

Pickle wears :


Head : LeLUTKAHead. Halle

Skin : L’Etre – Jessica Skin

Hair : DOUX – Stormy hairstyle

Outfit : Gaia – liza tie up tank top & Gaia – liza denim jeans @ Kustom9

Stole : _CandyDoll_ Posie Fur

Sammiches! : [Cat-Noodle] Savory Sandos @ Shiny Shabby

Scene :

{moss&mink} Potting Bench & Seed Box Packs (Formerly @ FLF)
Includes : {moss&mink} Hose rack, {moss&mink} Loose Seed Packets, {moss&mink} Potted Lily of the Valley, {moss&mink} Potted Rosemary, {moss&mink} Potted Spring Onions, {moss&mink} Potting Bench – Beech, {moss&mink} Potting Bench – Pine, {moss&mink} Potting Bench – White, {moss&mink} Seeds Box, {moss&mink} Stacked Pots, {moss&mink} Tipped Pot, {moss&mink} Watering Can

.peaches. Countryside Picnic

Apple Fall Alveena Potting Shed

Skye Studio Enchanted Woods v2

*alirium* DownyGrass [YellowGreen]


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