Helloes sweet Spoonies!

I got a bit of a long one today, are you ready for ALL the things? I’m gonna assume you said yes and then move on super fast okay? Ok!

Mila has popped out the beautiful Dana skin, available right now at Dubai. She’s in all eight Mila shades, and comes with dark eyebrow, no eyebrow and light eyebrow options. I really love the lips on her, and that nose highlight is everything!

Next, Moss & Mink has this dining table set at Kustom9, along with some gorgeous table decor and a yummy looking cheeseboard… aaaand, Cat-Noodle has given us the Hallow’s Cake and Shake – plus a delicious full version of the cake on a platter – nomnom nom! The shake and the cake have holdable options for both genders and decor versions, and there’s also a dispenser version of the cake platter so you can totally share the treats with your friends and family! Don’t worry about those sticky hands, either, they’ve also been kind enough to include a fork! The set will be available at the Liaison Collaborative until November 10th.

And last but not least, check out this stunning set from UFO available at Collabor88!

Make it a beautiful day, Spoonies. You’re worth it. xoxo

All the things

Pickle Wears :

Body : [LEGACY] Meshbody

Head : LeLUTKA Head. Avalon.

Skin : .MILA. Dana Skin [LeLutka EvoX] (Face) @ Dubai
.MILA. Body Skin [Legacy] (Body)

Hair : Ade – Vicky Hairstyle @ Access

Outfit : ::{u.f.o}::loco loco dress @ Collabor88

Scene things :

{moss&mink} Noelle Dining Set @ Kustom9
Fall Centrepiece A, Fall Centrepiece B, Fall Cheese Board
Fall Fruit Bowl, Noelle Area Rug, Noelle Dining Chair
Noelle Dining Table, Noelle Drop Light, Noelle Leather Chair

[Cat-Noodle] Hallow’s Cake & Shake @ The Liaison Collaborative
Hallow’s Cakeplate Decor, Hallow’s Cakeplate F, Hallow’s Cakeplate M
Hallow’s Cakestand Decor, Hallow’s Cakestand Dispenser, Hallow’s Fork F
Hallow’s Fork M, Hallow’s Shake Decor, Hallow’s Shake F, Hallow’s Shake M

MudHoney Sanderson Prints

MudHoney Classic Photo Room 5


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