How stinking cute is this Hoodie from Cynful? It was a special FLF halloween item, but Cynful are pretty awesome and tend to keep their item out for the entire weekend, so make sure you go grab it before it disappears!

Also, Veechi have put out a regular set of eyeballs for N21, and a  two spookier versionw for FLF too – again, Veechi will probably leave their item out all weekend, so grab, quick!

This is the set from Veechi that are at N21!


These are the two FLF items, set at 50L each.

The Cat-Noodle “Cat Cuppaccino” is currently available at the Planet 29 event (which opened yesterday!), it has animations for both men and women in two different styles. I’m showing the “One hand” pose for the cup, but there’s also a super adorable two handed option which cups the mug and leaves you feeling those warm and cosy feels whenever you hug your favourite mug full of delicious cawfee! I haven’t shown the “Hat on” style mug, but trust me when I say it’s equally as cute as everything I have shown!

Make it a beautiful day, Spoonies. You’re worth it. xoxo

All the things

Body : eBODY – REBORN @ Equal10

Head : LeLUTKA Head. Gaia @ Equal10

Skin : [Heaux] Tiara – Glitter Princess GROUP GIFT

Eyes : Veechi – Spectral Eyes @ N21 and Veechi – Spectral Fantasy Eyes for FLF

Hair : PTNM – “Scarlett” Hairstyle (Saturday Sale) – This item is flexi hair & a Hairbase. They’ve included hairbases for normal BoM and Lelutka EvoX, and I’ve copied the pony and added an extra one to give it more fullness.
Bangs : DOUX – #1 Bangs

Scrunchie : ::GB::fur hairholders

Hairband : Swan Lusty Vamp Headband

Tattoo : .: Vegas :. Tattoo Applier Harmony @ Uber

Hoodie (+ Panties) : Cynful Rude Girl Hoodie Dress – FLF Special

Drink Things : [Cat-Noodle] Cat Cuppaccino @ Planet29


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