This Akeruka head is -everything-. By far my favorite male head I’ve adorned in a while, maybe it’s just because using the shape included in the package he was almost perfect and I only tweaked him a little, or maybe it’s because this photo turned out in such a way that makes me incredibly proud […]


Heller, sweet Spoonies! I somehow got accepted for a new sponsor, Babyboo! Babyboo specializes in poses, and some fancy avatar cosmetics sometimes too, so I’m excited to see what’s to come from this brand! Today’s set is called “Sadie” and they’re available at the newest round of Dubai, and have mirrored versions PLUS realistic breathing […]


Hello! This new gown from Glitzz is just so beautiful I had to do a celebratory dance with Z. Make it a beautiful day, Spoonies. You’re worth it. xoxo

Inky pages.

When I was growing up, my favourite Author was Stephen King. It took me 6 months to read the first novel – IT. I remember kicking it under my bed at night because the clown face on the front would creep me out, and each time I pulled the paperback out from under there in […]


So I might have missed the party bus on this one, but Mila released this gorgeous Lina skin at the LAST round of Cosmo (so don’t go there, go to the main store, cus I’m SO SLOW). Lina is available for Lelutka Evo X heads and is shown below in all available tones in the […]

A little humanity.

You ever get days where all you wanna see is a little humanity? I’ve never been one to feel at home in my skin. I have always wondered who I am and where I belong, and sometimes the smallest things make me wish I -wasn’t- human, because a lot of it comes down to cruel, […]

Two in a row.

Look, I know i posted my tata’s yesterday but sometimes it just happens that there’s two titty days in a row, and this is one of those sometimes. I tried to go for arty in my black and white expression of this outfit. Who knows if I succeeded, cus I sure don’t. I’m over here […]


Ohai! This Monso hair was redelivered recently with the little bewbie option, and lucky for me it went perfectly with this absolutely stunning set from Aurica! I feel a little stellar in this outfit, like i’ve just taken a trip to outerspace and taken some well needed fashion tips from some local aliens! Make it […]


Ohai there. I need to give a massive thank you to Pancake for letting me borrow his Rolls Royce for this picture. I can’t imagine what I would do without his presence in my life now, he’s truly a little angel sent from heaven and not just because he has all the things my still […]