Water Bomb.

You may recognize this face as a Bunny, or maybe an Ally. Either way, this is my new friend and I don’t share so back off.

Only slightly joking, she is my new friend but I’m willing to share. Occasionally.

We’re in a kids pool. In a back garden. I have no idea how we got here, or why we chose to do our washing first (maybe we’re in bikini’s because we were washing all our clothes?) but whatever we’re cute and I love it and you can check out her version >Here<. As usual I totally over decorated and you’re seeing maybe 10% of all the decor i put out, but i’m not smart and don’t know how to make it all look pretty while still being in focus, so you’re gonna have to put up with our dumb faces making dumb faces ūüėõ

Make it a beautiful day, Spoonies. You’re worth it. xoxo.


All the things

Pool & Pose : РSweet Art РInflatable Pool & РSweet Art РDual Pose #10 @ Equal10

Body : [LEGACY] Meshbody

Head  : LeLUTKA Head. Avalon 3.1 UPDATE!!

Skin : [Heaux] Juliet (Face) @ Equal10
VELOUR: Ipanema Body for Kupra

Tattoo/Body Markings : Jack Spoon . Disco bits, Jack Spoon Picnic Days Chest Sunburn+freckles

Hair : DOUX РSophie Hairstyle @ Equal10

Bikini : ::{u.f.o}::water bomb bikini @ Kustom9


For all of the Bunny’s items. check >Here<

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