Let’s talk about things that make me have a tantrum.


It is not attractive to be speaking to you for 10 minutes and then have you try to put your hands anywhere on me. I was probably very grateful for the chat, but your hands are not welcome on my body unless I invite them, or you offer and I accept.


I just found out that my RL brother got married. I wasn’t invited, I didn’t even know.


Not the regular ones, but the ones you purchase once and then forget about but automatically take money from your account regularly that you have to cancel. I found out I had been paying £60 a year for a service I haven’t used since the first year I purchased it… in 2013. I HAD BEEN PAYING IT FOR 8 YEARS.

That’ll do for today or i’ll probably cry.

Make it a beautiful day, Spoonies. You’re worth it. xoxo.

All the things

Pickle wears : 

Body : [LEGACY] Meshbody

Head : LeLUTKA Head. River 3.1

Skin : [Utopia] Song

Eyebrows, Blush & Lipstick : Gloom. – Ancient Dreams @ The Epiphany

Hair : tram K0328 hair

Lingerie : Cynful The Edge Lingerie Set For the Saturday Sale

Mouth & Head pieces : {Sakura} Epiphany Exclusive – Bear Floofs, {Sakura} Epiphany Exclusive – Doll Parts, {Sakura} Epiphany Exclusive – Mouthie Leg  @ The Epiphany

Pose & Scene : 

Pose ; FOXCITY. Soulfood Bento Pose Set

Scene : Lagom – Nordic Walk-in Gacha @ The Epiphany

Including : 01. Lagom – Nordic Walk-in [ Bed PG ] Rare
21. Lagom – Nordic Walk-in [ Bench ]
14. Lagom – Nordic Walk-in [ Hanger E ]
12. Lagom – Nordic Walk-in [ Hanger C ]
16. Lagom – Nordic Walk-in [ Wall lights ]
19. Lagom – Nordic Walk-in [ Makeup Pallets ]
20. Lagom – Nordic Walk-in [ Stool ]
13. Lagom – Nordic Walk-in [ Hanger D ]
18. Lagom – Nordic Walk-in [ head piece ]
04. Lagom – Nordic Walk-in [ Closet piece B ]

{Sakura} Tantrum Gacha @ The Epiphany

Including : {Sakura} Broken Dolls [REZ] – A
{Sakura} Ripped Bear [REZ] – Cream
{Sakura} Broken Dolls [REZ] – C
{Sakura} Broken Dolls [REZ] – B

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