Cotton Candy.

ohai! I’m doing the colour thing again, for a change! I felt so super cute in this outfit from Miss Chelsea at Uber, it seemed a perfect pairing with a delicious cotton candy on a stick! Make it a beautiful day, Spoonies. You’re worth it. Xoxo.


Heller, I’m a terrible blogger and totally didn’t upload anything all weekend, and yanno what? STUFF IT. I didn’t even feel guilty, so #notsorry. I had a lovely break, took a trip to South Africa in SL with a friend, and had a wonderful experience. I 100% would recommend the Lifestyle Inc group for all […]


I might have fallen in love with my avie all over again, because of this gorgeous combination of things I am wearing today. I just can’t help but stare at myself, and that’s a lovely feeling to be content again for maybe a week because creators keep creating and i want to be all the […]

Mad Lizzie.

Back in the 80’s when I was a teeny bebe, there was a program on in the early mornings called TV-AM. On TV-AM there was a lady called Lizzie (also known as Mad Lizzie, but I’m not sure why?) who would do all of the fitness things, and I vaguely remember following along with them […]


Is it hot in here? Evani has updated their Diana set with some brand new colours, and have made the previous gacha release available as individual items for purchase. You can now find Diana with Legacy, Maitreya and Kupra versions, along with a brand new unpacker hud that will unpack your items via your preferential […]


Heylo! I am showing off some pretties from many places today, because.. well because i felt cute ok?! You’re not my real Dad! Sometimes I miss the times that i’d sit here and write until all my feelings were splayed on a page for me to reflect on. I think with the state of the […]

Space Vibes.

As soon as I saw this outfit from Aurica, I loved it. it’s currently available at the fetish fair, so make sure you stop by and pick up some naughty goodies that make you feel as awesome as I feel in this! I tried to go for some space vibes, just to pull out the […]

Limited Edition.

Hay! Look at this pretty head from Akeruka! As an anniversary gift Akeruka has released the gorgeous [AK Advanced] – Bento Head 4.0 Gift 2021, which will be available until the 30th of June. It’s a Limited Edition, meaning the head won’t be sold after the promotion and it’s only available for this short time. […]

The Secretary.

I roped Baron in to be my Man-Dolly again for this post – or did he rope me? Come to your own conclusions! The skin I’m in today is from Mila, previously available at the Shiny Shabby event, if it’s not available in store yet, please allow a little longer! Izabelle is available in 8 […]


Hay sweet Spoonies! I’m using man-pickle in the background, he’s good eye candy – just look at that butt! This gorgeous shower and the poses are available at equal10 from Amitie. You can also find all the clothing from equal10 too! Want all the credits? Check below! Make it a beautiful day, Spoonies. You’re worth […]