Hai, I’m a kitty! This Palette dress has been sat in my blogotex for far too long calling my name. I’m not sure if it’s the delicacy or the fact that it’s just a little bit naughty that appeals to me, or maybe a combination of both. As soon as I saw it I imagined […]

Revisiting Nova.

Hey there sweet Spoonies, I hope your Holiday Season is going swimmingly! I decided to revisit the Lelutka Nova head now that it’s been updated to boundless (ok so I’m slow, but there’s just so many heads now, I can’t keep up!), and this time I even used the piercings. I’m not sure why I […]

Happy Holidays.

Pretty Palette skin Sheilah is available at the mainstore! Seasons greetings & Happy holidays! xoxo.

My Favourite People.

Family. My SL family consists of my favourite people, people who I have grown and changed with and know better than many in my RL. My babies are no exception to this. I never thought I would be interested in having another family within SL, but then my Sister popped back up, and I realized […]


Most of the time I am ridiculous enough to try and live in a little bubble of almost total ignorance to the things that go on in the real world with regards to Covid, pretending like my staying home is just another choice i’m making because i want it. Yesterday, however, I was forced to […]


Tis the season to eat too much delicious food and regret it until March! I’ll be the one cooking on Friday. I’m a little nervous as it’ll be the first time in about 15 years I’ve done a christmas meal, but I’m also looking forward to it, because i’ll be surrounded by two people I […]

O, Christmas Tree!

I’ve decided to put my christmas tree up on christmas eve. This might seem a little delayed to most people, but for me I think it’s perfect. I’ve invited a friend over for the day before and the day itself, we’re both single mothers and this year her son will be at his Dad’s house, […]


Heller sweet Spoonies! I’ve managed to squeeze a few sponsor stores and events into this post, which is quite unusual for me nowadays but I would definitely like to do more often, so I hope you’ve got your reading glasses on for those credits, because there’s a few! Hopefully you’ll find a little something that […]


I’m feeling hella festive today, not only is Pickle surrounded by gifts and christmassy awesome in SL, but the rl Pickle finally got the last of her gifts for other people delivered! Not sure why I’m speaking in third person, but it’s been that sort of a day, so I’m just going with it. One […]

Comfortable Sunday.

Oh hai! I feel like Pickle has just popped out of her very classy apartment to read a book with her soup, dressed in her comfortable sunday clothing. I’m absolutely in love with this Jacket. When I picked it up from Equal10, I had other plans for it – but it’s worth noting that the […]