Let’s take a moment to talk about the new update on the Lelutka heads, shall we?

Essentially, Lelutka updating to ‘Boundless’ means that although you can still get your aesthetic with your chosen head, it’s actually an entirely redesigned version of your head. This means there might be the chance you’re going to need to adjust your current shape to your liking with the boundless version. Never fear, Lelutka in all their awesome forethought has graced you with not only the new version of the head (for those who currently own it) but also with the ‘dated’ version that you can unpack and retain your current shape without worrying about having to tweak.

What is ‘Boundless’? It’s unrestricted bones. When you make your shape, you have that fancy doodad in edit with all those sliders that range from 0-100. These sliders control some of the bones (there are more, but these are the ones that make the difference to your mesh bento heads). Lelutka has extended the amount that their heads can be edited to with their ‘boundless’ versions. You’ll STILL get the features of the head, but you have so many different ways to experiment with your face to make it just perfect for you.

The HUD has been completely redesigned. You’ll find all of your favourite features still there (I think, I’m still learning it too!), but so far, they’ve actually been way easier to remember where they’re hiding. Because of some new features (there’s now an extra HD Eyeshadow layer, and a brand new HD Eyebrow layer), there are some extra button options that I am excited to fiddle about with. The eyebrows alone look like they’re going to be absolutely fabulous to customize and have some similar options to that of the eyes, in that you can make them bigger or smaller and move them from left to right to elongate or narrow how they sit on your face, yay!
Speaking of the NEW HD eyeshadow second layer, having had a bit of a fiddle with it, it’s -so- easy to work. Gone are the days of the catwa hud where you’d have to literally go around the houses to get your two layers to work, this routing works with the click of a button… want to wear your eyeshadow on the lower layer? Just select layer 01 and apply. Want to add a liner over the top? Select layer 02 and apply your liner, and hurrah, it’s done. No clipping, no need for masking or blending, it just works. 

On top of all the newness, there’s also new animations added. I only ever used the “Looking” or “Here” anims in the previous version of the Lelu heads, but these seem far smoother and even more seamless than the last! MUCH EXCITE!

Too much Lelutka news (Not likely, I’m sure there’s loads i’ve missed!) have some Palette goodies!

In the original picture I’m wearing the Ari skin from Palette on the Lake head, but here you’ll see it on Lelutka Fleur. I got confused, okay? It happens when you’re changing heads like Worzel Gummidge! As you can see the skin in absolutely stunning on both heads, and you’ll notice that there’s not a single weird shadow on either, despite their differences It’s also worth mentioning that this version of Fleur is the 2.0 as I haven’t yet updated, so your skins will work as they always have regardless of your Lelutka head version. Ari is available in the four tones shown above, and I’m now using the Palette BODY skins to match the heads. Yay!

I think that’s almost all of the information I can muster. I’m going to have a play around more with the Lelutka updates, and get back to you on any more news/troubleshooting i can find!

Make it a beautiful day, Spoonies. You’re worth it. xoxo

All the things

Body : [LEGACY] Meshbody (f)

Head : LeLUTKA Lake Head 2.5 released tomorrow, 4th November.

Skin : Palette. – Aria 004 @ Harajuku until November 10th

Ears : cheezu. simple heart mesh ears

Eyes : LOTUS. L’amour Eyes 14

Hair : /TRUTH/ Eternity

Collar : Otaku. Spiked Collar

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