Rays of sun


Recently things have started moving again. I don’t mean I’M MOVING, I just mean… things are.

Pixie & I recently started doing the Cow thing. I talked about it somewhere in this blog, and again more recently for a mental health monday. You find out quite quickly in SL that not everyone in any community is filled with sunshine and rainbows, and a lot of them are just darkness and bullshit. Over the past couple of months of doing what we’re doing, there’s been a list of issues we’ve had as long as our arm, and we’ve been run ragged trying to deal with the day-to-day aspect of the system along with the crap that other people throw at us. Between that, health issues, and general RL things, I’ve not been doing as much RL as I should have and neither has Pixie, so we cut everything back, threw out the trash that wasn’t working as a team and almost started again – but yanno, just freshened things up.

RL, I’ve been walking daily. This might not seem a lot to some people, but for me, someone who literally barely got out of bed two years ago, this is a huge deal. I’ve gotten so good at doing the walking I managed to walk to the chemist and pick up a prescription without my aging father helping me out. It’s a small victory during a time that has been exceptionally hard, and yes I KNOW. It’s something other people do regularly and they don’t get a song an dance – but damnit, that’s the first time in 5 years I’ve done it, so let me have a moment to twerk my feelings okay? Thanks. I hope to continue walking and get stronger and stronger, lord knows it’s about time.

I’ve also had enough time to start doing my daughters room again. It’s always going to be ‘nearly finished’ i think, but it gets closer to that every day. Again, I know most people would have finished decorating a room within a week, but i’ve done this alone, in a pandemic, having barely the strength to lift myself up some days. I deserve my fanfare, tyvm. We’re not going to mention the fact that there’s also a half finished livingroom too, okay? I actually need to let people into my house for that to lay flooring, and i’m just not ready for that yet, even if Corona restrictions are being lifted.

All that being said, what’s something you’ve done today that’s made you proud? (Heather Small vibes there, please see https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OygsHbM1UCw)

Shall we talk about this gorgeous little tee for a minute? I don’t think I’ve nearly done it justice.. there’s beautifully scalloped edges and the most adorable ruffled front that you can barely see from the picture. I’m especially fond of the pineapples texture though, it gave me a really good excuse to pop on these adorable shorts from Scandalize and just grab the last few rays of Sun before the cooler autumny breeze starts ruffling through those palm trees.

Make it a beautiful day, Spoonies, you’re worth it.



All the things

Pose : Sapa Poses 92.7 @ Anthem

Body : [LEGACY] Meshbody (f)

Head : LeLUTKA.Ryn.2.0

Skin : DeeTaleZ Skin *Yuna* for LELUTKA HEADS

Glasses : – Pukki – Ai Glasses [Light Set] (Can’t find a LM! Sorry!)

Hair/Hat : [monso] Lena2 Hair

Tee : Palette. – Narana Top @ Sanarae until the 17th

Shorts : Scandalize.Yandere SHORTS. @ Access until the 8th

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