Bring me butterflies.

The minute I think I’ve found my perfect avatar, change my profile picture to reflect my new face, and comfortably change into clothes already in my inventory is the minute i get another head/body combination out of hiding and redo it all. Luckily for you beautiful Spoonies, I’ve taken several pictures with the gorgeous combo […]

Siri, where’s my dress?

There’s quite a lot going on in my rl at the moment. A lot of organization, finalizing and some extremely emotional things that I’m dealing with. If I’m seeming a little off, or my posts are a bit slow, please bear all of that in mind. That said, it’s all coming together quite nicely, so […]

Hello, Dolly!

I know I’m saying this a lot lately, but holy balls how stinking cute am I right now? This Dolly Skin by Palette is literally everything I need for my Lelutka Ryn head. I cannot scream and squeal enough to have finally created my perfect Asian inspired avie, and she is serving me perfection.   […]

Candy Floss.

I put a wardrobe up today! It’s nap time, right? Check out these beautiful items from Osmia, Miss Chelsea (It’s old, but re-rigged for some new bodies), and Gaia! Also, don’t touch my candyfloss, I’ll probably try to kill you because i need the sugar 😛 Make it a beautiful day, Spoonies. You’re worth it […]


Hello, I feel cute. Credits below! xoxo


I want him to be my boyfriend now, please. This face! Something about it is screaming at me to si.. I mean kiss. The nose on this head is what really draws me in. It’s a little bit uneven, in the best most realistic way possible. Like maybe Connor got in a barfight when he […]

New girl.

I’ve been watching far too much “New Girl” on Netflix, and accidentally created the fabulous Miss Jessica Day. It’s a whole thing – but I’m loving the vibe. Make it a beautiful day, Spoonies. xoxo.


Free the nipple! Also, buy this cute little ensemble from Gaia, because as usual it’s perfectly rigged and absolutely adorable. You can change both the inside fabric & the outside fabric colours with the fatpack, and I stan! I used the Androgynous head River from Lelutka for this post, too. I wanted to see how […]

Distract me.

Hi! I’m often disappointed in people. And me. I’m people too. But today it’s mostly people. Luckily, I have some pretties from Bueno and Moss&Mink to distract me from disappointment! YAY!   Details? See belowwww. xoxo

Feeling fine.

I’m feeling fine in all my Fall cuteness today. Is it too early? NEVER! Make sure you pop over to Anthem and pick up some gorgeous new items! xoxo