Forever changed.

I’ve come to the realization that i’m forever going to be accepting apologies I never receive, and that’s pretty tough. I’m not sure why the word “I’m sorry” is so hard to say. You might not understand what’s wrong, but just saying that phrase and meaning it can settle a bundle of issues. “I’m really sorry you were hurt by something I said.” “I’m so sorry you feel like that’s what I meant, that’s not the case.” There are so many ways to apologize, but few come without the words and the accountability that come from an -actual- verbal apology.

I suppose we’re seeing a lot of that at the moment if you’re watching what’s going on with the beauty community on youtube. It’s so easy to say “I was in a dark place” and move along, but it’s far harder to internalize what’s happened and take any sort of responsibility for what the words you’ve said, or the actions you’ve made, have allowed another person to feel. No apology isn’t an apology, and you can change your actions and do things differently, but that word, that one thing you did that you shouldn’t, it will hang over you like a cloud until you’ve proved you’re capable of change.

I’ve apologized for things I wasn’t sorry for. I’ve been gaslit into believing my emotions aren’t valid, that i’m too sensitive and maybe a little bit ridiculous for daring to think that I need an apology. But the truth is.. where I am responsible for my own feelings, you are responsible for hurting them too, and it’s not up to you to tell me that what I’m feeling is “too much”. If I legitimately have to ask you to say sorry and still don’t get those simple words, I’ve already forgiven you for being incapable, but I’ll never forget… and our relationship has forever changed.

So there’s a new Palette skin gacha available and she’s pretty awesome!

The Cutie girl Gacha has 3 tones available. You can see above the rare eyebrow version in Milk, Fair and Sunkissed. I’ve used the Sunkissed tone in my main picture, and have followed suit with the rest of the skin options available, but it’s worth noting that -all- the skins are available in the three tones shown above. I hope that makes plenty of sense!

Make sure you drop by the Flora Event to give the gacha a go!

Have a beautiful day, Spoonies. You deserve it. xoxo

All the things

Head : LeLUTKA.Head.Fleur (Available on July 24th)

Skin : Palette. – Cutie Girl Gacha (Lelutka – also available for Genus!). @ Flora

*Spicy* Body V3 (body)

Eyes : [Heaux] Field Eyes – Steel

Eyelashes : EVERMORE. [ cleo – lashes ] – LELUTKA

Earrings : -SU!- Heart Hoop Earrings

Hair : Stealthic – Dawn

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