Glow up.


So I’m definitely not a Pickle anymore.

Let’s do a brief kindofsortofmentalhealthmondaybutnotexactly.

I know what I want now, and for the first time in a long time, I know how to get out of situations i’m uncomfortable in without creating a massive scene. Admittedly, I still WANT to make a massive scene, but the truth is that no matter how big a scene I make the outcome rarely changes and is often just prolonged painfully. This comes with any kind of relationship. If I notice an energy change from you, while mine has remained constant… bye. For example, a ‘friend’ messaged me this week because a real life relationship had collapsed. I gave her two hours of my time, even though I was emotionally spent before she contacted me for comfort, and I left her with all the positivity I could muster under my own circumstances. When I popped my head into her DJ set (which I do regularly, as I’m a supportive friend), I clicked open her profile to find that the pick she’d had of me for six months had been replaced with a dude who she’s clearly in a relationship with, a day after breaking up with her real life fella. I don’t care about her rebounding hard in SL, as it goes, it’s probably the safest place to rebound. What I care about is that for two years I have fought for, supported, and cheered this chick on, and the second she gets a fella in SL I’m replaceable. Nope. Done. Bye. Did I tell her? No. If she’s reading this? Well, I guess now she knows.

I also had a little break up moment. I don’t think it really counts as a break up, because it was two weeks, but tbh, that’s pretty standard for any of my SL relationships. I guess my standards are too high, and once I found out I’m not the only internet girl he’s interested in, I decided he wouldn’t be getting -all- of me the way he’d been getting it without effort. Turns out, effort was too much, so he dumped me. Fun times. There won’t be a next time there, either. I didn’t freak out, I didn’t shout and scream and cry and beg him to stay like I would have only months ago. Instead, I deleted. Let me get over the hurt of not being enough for you, while I’m still learning I’m enough for me.

I know, this is coming out as bitter, but I AM bitter. I’m bitter that I can continually put my feels into people who claim to love me, only to show me with their actions that I’m just not as worthy as I now KNOW I am. Still, today’s BITTER, will be tomorrows STRONGER, and that’s okay. I’ll feel bitter today if tomorrow, or sometime soon, I’m less so.

That being said, and because of my amazingly adult glow up, I’m only going to go by Milky now. I’ve done so much fucking work on myself that i’m completely unrecognizable from the girl who was Pickle for 6 years. I will -always- be Pickle to my closest friends, and those of you who know me here, but in world… Milky. Thank you for your attention.


Now, on to fun SL products you’re gonna wanna get your mitts on!

Palette has released the Lisa skin, she’s available for Genus and Lelutka (See pics below) and she comes with and without eyebrows. There are 5 tones, and also a small selection of add ons like freckles & moles and a couple of liners included in the purchase. You’ll need to grab your body skin from Spicy Bodyshop, but they match the tones perfectly!  Check them out below :

Above shows the Lisa skin shown on Lelutka Evolution head, Erin. I particularly love the lips, they’re just slightly imperfect and I’m ALL about that in avatar creations. I’m also wearing the eyebrow version of the skin in all the pictures above.



^This shows the Lisa skin on the Genus Classic head. I feel like she’s even more gorgeous on Genus, that’s why I chose to wear my Genus head in the main picture today. I’m wearing the same eyebrow shape on each of the displayed pictures, so you can get a real grasp on how the skin might look on your personal shape – although there are also shape options available so make sure you demo those first! Pick her up, she’s lovely!

Make it a beautiful day, Spoonies. You’re worth it. xoxo



All the things

Body : [LEGACY] Meshbody (f)

Head : GENUS Project – Genus Head – Classic Face W001 *not currently available, let’s hope the DMCA gets clarified soon*

Skin : Palette.  Lisa (head) –  @ Harajuku

*Spicy* Body V3 (body)

Hair : DOUX – Panayiota hairstyle

Tattoo : DAPPA – Ezekiel Tattoo.

Outfit : .miss chelsea. Drew Top & Shorts – Re-rigged for Legacy! YAY!

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