#FreebieFriday 013

Haven’t done one of these for a while, so I’m gonna put some lil reminders in place okay? okay.

I can’t find free everything all the time, so sometimes it’s just nice to showcase a couple of items. Most of the time that means the item comes under 100L, but sometimes there are group fee’s or other added costs that you have to take accountability for. I will be 100% transparent wherever possible but sometimes I make mistakes.


Let’s start at the top! The Hair on my noggin is from Magika. It’s a VIP special price of 50L and the group to join there’s a fee of 150L – however, there are regular group only discounts in the special room, and also whenever there’s a new release there’s a discount applied for the first few days, so you make that money back real quick if you absolutely love Magika hair.

My face! It’s Akeruka’s #stayhomestaysafe gift, and it costs 1L to buy. The group is 150L to join. Akeruka are one of the most generous head creators on the grid, hands down, in terms of offering their group members discounted and/or free heads. So far I’ve been in the group for just over a year, and I have got 3 female heads and 1 male head for just the 150L group price (and 1L per head). 10/10 would recommend. Their head gifts are limited time offers, so you need to be in the group during the time they’re set out, or they’re gone forever (or on sale full price).

MY PRETTY DRESS! Kinda love it! This is available at Anthem (for 50L), for the duration of the May Birthday round. There’s LOADS of gifts/freebies/cheapies available, so please go over and check out all that is on offer. Miss Chelsea have a super cute Bikini and i can’t think of anything else but it’s all love!

Make it a beautiful day spoonies. You deserve it. xoxo


All the things

Pose : . MILA . POSES // Gift Pack 4 (Free on MP)

Backdrop : anxiety %madness (Former gift, might be a group fee involved?)

Pickle wears :

Body : [LEGACY] Meshbody (f) (Fit deformers) NOT FREE

Head : [AK Advanced] – Bento Head V2.6 #Limited Edition

Skin : [theSkinnery] Jodi (Akeruka) toffee NOT FREE

Eyebrows : Just Magnetized – Natural Eyebrows set 06 NOT FREE

Hair : Magika – Hair – Billie (Special Color) 50L Group Price

Dress : imbue. lily sundress – colorful @ Anthem (50L)

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