Lockdown funk.

I’m sure i’m not the only one who is currently experiencing days where you do everything and days where you just can’t function. Today is an “I’m not gonna function” day, and I’m okay with that. I’ll just sit here, play the sims, watch far too much Brooklyn nine-nine, and hope my deliveries appear intact so i can continue my livingroom, maybe not today but perhaps the day after.

Speaking of my livingroom, because I know everyone’s incredibly interested (or not, I do this for me though!), I’ve now completed three out of the four walls – which were absolutely shit to paint. I’m talking peeling paint from underneath and on the radiator wall there’s some weird freakin’ roller marks that definitely aren’t from me because I’ve legit painted it three times with two different rollers, so at this point it’s a case of ‘fuck it’. You can only see it at a certain angle when you walk into the room so i guess from now on I’ll be blindfolding guests as they enter, problem solved!

In SL today we’re exploring Moss&Mink and Osmia, it’s taking me longer and longer to figure out how to take photo’s at the moment, and i’m never 100% satisfied with what I’m producing, but I’m hoping it’s just a LockdownFunk and it’ll be back to me feeling good about things soon.

I hope you’re all doing well, washing your hands and practicing social distancing. I know it’s easy to get caught up in the negatives, but we really are mostly incredibly lucky to be safe in our homes, with the cosy heating and internet and running water, etc. Please try to stay  kind, and remember your worth during this difficult time. Make it a beautiful day – even if your idea of beauty today is watching too much netflix and not getting out of bed. xoxo


All the things

Pickle wears :

Body : -Belleza- Freya Full

Head  : GENUS Project – Genus Head – Strange Face W002

Skin : Pepe Skins – Pisces V2

Hair : DOUX – Tyrisha Hairstyle

Tattoo : DAPPA – Akeos Tattoo

Outfit : OSMIA – Megan.Outfit @ Collabor88

Shoes : N-core ERICA

Pose :

FOXCITY. Soulfood-3

Scene :

{moss&mink} Pandora bamboo chaise @ Fameshed

{moss&mink} Tara Paradise Planter (Floor) @ Fameshed

{moss&mink} Tara Paradise Planter (Stand) @ Fameshed

{moss&mink} Floating Paper lanterns @ Anthem


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