Awesome people.


Meet Fonza.

Recently, I’ve expressed a little bit of discomfort in finding new people that aren’t… not my people… to hang out with. Fonza isn’t one of those people, he’s definitely my people. I’m terribly grateful for the short amount of time we’ve spent together (okay it’s been quite a lot, but also not an actual long time) to the point where if I don’t speak to him, something feels off. He’s been so incredibly respectful towards me, and I am excited to add a brand new friend to my small little group of awesome people.

Today’s post is a bit of an ode to a vacation that we can’t take in RL, but are now coming home from. My thoughts were that we’d just spend a week or two on a beautiful island somewhere in the tropics, and now we’re all ready to go. Fonza for whatever reason has obviously let me carry the terribly heavy suitcase all by my lonesome through the hotel as we leave.

Anywho, I’m talking bonkers because it’s 7pm and i’ve been awake since 3am this morning trying to right my schedule lol!

Make it a beautiful day, Spoonies, you’re worth it! xoxo

All the things

Please note, anything that Fonza is wearing is lost in the Abyss unless you find him and ask him yourself, sorry!

Background : FOXCITY. Photo Booth – The Lux

Pose : The Owl. We’re running Away

Pickle wears :

Body : [LEGACY] Meshbody (f)

Head  : LeLUTKA Erin

Skin & Add Ons : [Glam Affair] Iris Skin

Hair : *barberyumyum*69HF

Earrings : imbue. CAUTION earrings – hazardous @ N21

Choker : .random.Matter. – Cermet Collar – Do Not Feed

Tattoo : DAPPA – Deku Tattoo. @ Neo Japan

Outfit : Gaia – Ally Crop Top @ Gaia – Ally Denim Skirt @ Uber

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