Self care.

Sometimes the stars align, and today was one of those days. I’m in love with my own picture and I don’t give a shit if that’s egotistical, bite me!

Self care for me often felt a bit weird, because I didn’t realize that I shouldn’t be making myself feel good for someone else, I should be making myself feel good for me. Now that I’ve actually embraced it, I’m self caring all over the show. I’m spending 5 minutes extra in the shower so that my conditioner can really sink into my hair. I’m moisturizing after the shower and  rubbing lotion on my feet before I go to bed. I’m tidying up – not because my place is a mess (anymore!), but because the satisfaction I get when I see a counter I’ve cleaned stay clean gives me a whole new type of pride. Such silly little things – every day things, but with the right mindset the whole world changes.

Mental health has always taken a prominent part of the text part of my blog, but I never really understood how important taking accountability for myself was. I’ve done some shitty things – and probably will do some shitty things in the future, because I am human… but I no longer want to lash out all the time and I get that when I do it’s usually just a reaction to something I’m not yet dealing with. So I’ll take whatever loss that comes from my lashing out because that’s my penance, but I will strive not to make those same mistakes again. I’m thoroughly enjoying the person I am now as imperfect and troubled as she is and I can’t wait to meet the person I know I can be.

Do something today that’ll make you breathe a little easier. Take a moment for yourself. You’re worth it, Spoonies. xoxo


All the things

Body : Bellezea Freya
Head : LeLUTKA Erin Head 1.0
Skin : . MILA . Emelia Skin (@Mainstore)

BOM Layers : [theSkinnery] Bom Body – Freckles Medium

  • These come with BODY SKINS from the Skinnery and as far as I’m aware are not sold separately

[theSkinnery] Freckles!

Just Magnetized – Eyebrows – set 06

. MILA . Scars Of Battle

Just Magnetized – Basic Hairbase – set 14 BOM

Eyeliner : TOP1SALON – TOP EYELINER (Lelutka Evolution) HUD

Head towel : Part of the FOXCITY. Detox Bento Friend Pose Set

Tattoo : DAPPA – Rebel Tattoo. @ Equal10

Bewb towel : +MB+ TittyTowel

Bubbles : MIWAS / Bubble on me #White

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