Hey Pickle, wtf? Yesterday you were complaining about your ex and so far this week you’ve taken photo’s with two dudes, do you need some protection? I just thought I’d say it before anyone else did. Sometimes I use my alt for photos. Other times I use pretty guys I know, or sometimes don’t really […]

Fool me once.

Today is just a “Shame on you” moment, because I can’t let things go, and I’m like a dog with an effing bone when I have an idea in my head. You know how sometimes you KNOW something is off, but you want so much to believe that it’s not, you fool yourself into believing […]

Making plans.

I stole my new frand Christian for this picture, so shout at him if you hate it because it’s probably his fault. Not really though. He was very patient and very sweet so thank you, Christian. I’m sick atm. The kind of sick that means I’m sleeping for 6 hours and then awake for two. […]


Promagic is making me feel like a Princess today, and you can, too! This outfit has been released for the Saturday Sale, but please check before you purchase as only the jewelry is actually part of the sale at 50L each colour option. The other items can be purchased separately! I absolutely LOVE this skirt […]

Morning rain.

It’s a whole Anthem post again (with a drizzle of Dappa and Lelutka of course), and because it’s a 90’s themed round, and the whole event is named after the legend of music, I was trying to think of which 90’s music really hit me, and it was of course Oasis. I had my first […]

I can.

2020 has so far been pretty mixed bag for me, and I’m planning on focusing on good energy for the rest of ever (is that a thing? It is now). Today I finally finished my bathroom off, which again seems like something tiny… but I’ve been here for nearly a decade and planned all this […]


Okay okay, so I’m in love again. Meet Erin. If you’ve caught my last couple of posts you’d have met Nova, the other new release from Lelutka that dropped on January 6th. I’ve seen some comments claiming that both the heads look the same, but trust me, there are differences. In terms of ‘genus’ think […]

This place.

Hi! I’m trying this thing where RL becomes more important than SL, which is really the way it should be. As I sit typing this, my little girl is spending the night in my ‘spare room’ which is, and always was, her bedroom. Those who know me will know what an absolutely massive deal this […]


Lelutka has completely remastered their heads and huds and OH MY GOD they are LIFE! So this weekend I did RL HARD, like, so hard, I can’t remember how to SL. Of course, while I was gone two BEAUTIFUL heads dropped into blogotex, and now I’m running to catch up with the beautiful people. The […]

Who knows!

I can’t help feeling like Pickle looks a little startled if you gaze at this picture from a distance. That’s okay, it’s a new year, so maybe she’s just blinded by the possibilities in her future? Who knows! I’m repping Anthem and Dappa today, the tattoo is available at Access and the eyes, lipstick and […]