My promise to myself in 2020 is to continue working on myself… if that means I’m selfish – good. 😛   Make it a beautiful new decade, Spoonies. You’re so worthy. xoxo


I’ve gotten quite into conspiracy theories recently, so please excuse me if I run off to watch some documentaries about odd occasions as you check out the credits below! Make it a beautiful day, Spoonies! xoxo

Hello, Birdie!

There’s not much more I love to wear in winter, than a big, fluffy jumper or jacket and I have a few such items in RL. Miss Chelsea has not disappointed me with this cute, cozy coat! I also absolutely adore the jeans, with the added details of the patterned zip detail, too! Check out […]

Honesty works.

Hey Spoonies. Today I wanna talk about something a bit odd, and that’s Dick Pictures. Yes, big ones, small ones, balls and gooch. Why the hell NOT? See, I do notice a lot of people complaining about unwanted attention in their boxes. I get it, but also, I don’t OFTEN get it. It’s as though […]

All I want for Christmas…

…is my two front teeth! I’m kidding, I have my front teeth and just wanted to create a stir on Christmas Eve with Durex, because who doesn’t just want a cuddle with the people they love at this time of year (and all times of year, in fairness!). Tomorrow I’ll be having dinner with my […]

Take a nap.

Hey, hello hi! I got some Revoul thingies today, ok? Ok. This is the Heart Dropiana Collection, which as you might recognize is based on some of the hawt instagram looks for winter. I definitely recognize the MannyMua scandal, and also one from James Charles too! There are 6 tattoo’s for your genus head included, […]

Bright spirits.

Let’s start with the MuggleBorn bodysuit! There are Three base versions for each body, the one I’m showing above is the female version, then there’s a “bulge” version and also a “showing” version. Along with wearing the base, you’ll also need to wear the zip before attaching your hud and working out your styles. From […]

Thrown off.

I didn’t sleep well last night and I’m coming to the conclusion that i’m OLD. If I don’t sleep good, it throws off my whole day – and I’ve almost cried twice for no reason (I might also be due for some ladytime, so there’s that too. I love giving you TMI). Anyway, you’re not […]

Lazy December.

Is it over yet? I just got a delivery of around 15 presents, and now I have to wrap them. At least Pickle’s all done and relaxing with her cats! This Narcisse Lingerie is truly beautifimous and so I’ve added a lil extra picture to show you the back because everyone loves a bit of […]