Take my hand.

It’s time for me to gush again about Hayyz, mostly because I can’t say it to her face very often or I get all emotional and start being a giant cry baby.

She’s still going through a tough time, but at 1.30am on friday night when I’d just walked in from thinking my house was gonna burn down, she was there for me. She listened to me be a gibbering wreck for a good 30 minutes (or more, I really don’t know because I was so out of it) and calmed me down until I admitted how totally zonked I was, and she let me go lie down.

We hung out yesterday. We don’t do that very much in world, mostly because I’m busy being antisocial, but i captured this image of us on a bit of a whim and I’m so glad I did. After we were done, another friend joined us, and while I was afk she said some very sweet things about me, which makes my heart fill with happy. I’ve not had many people be so forward with positive opinions over who I am, and Hayyz knows that although I’ve never really voiced how I feel and makes it a priority to let me know she still wants to be around… she’s so genuine and lovely she just gets me on a level not many seem to understand.

You can check out Hayyz’s flickr >Here< and her blog >Here<

Anywho, this is my friend and I love her. I hope you have a friend like her, too. xoxo

All the things

Pose & Flowers : [ Focus Poses ] Friends 86

Body : [LEGACY] Meshbody (f)

Head : GENUS Project – Genus Head – Classic Face

Skin : 1 [ Pity Party ]  Oni Oni Human Gacha RARE @ Epiphany

Hair : *barberyumyum*94

Headband : =Zenith=Chrysanthemum Sheep Headband (Milk)

Dress : OSMIA – Alina.Cut-Out Mini Dress @ Anthem

Bag : =Zenith=Sheep Head Bag (Gacha


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