Bloody hell.

I grew up with that term being quite prominent in my household. My mother doesn’t do the regular type of swearing, instead she swears like someone from the 1960’s, “Bloody hell” being something she’ll yell quite regularly as the most coarse of her curses. I think the term sums up how Pickle looks quite well, […]


I was trying to channel a creepy Melanie Martinez but I didn’t quite get the quirk factor right. Regardless, super in love with this babydoll dress from Narcisse! Make it a beautiful day, Spoonies. You deserve it! xoxo


So I’m a little derp, and we’re going to discus. This isn’t really a mental health monday – but it’s definitely working in tandem with my mental health, as I’ll describe. On Saturday Morning, I decided it’d be a really awesome idea to move my desktop from one room to another. How does this tie […]

My happy heart.

Yesterday made my heart happy. congrats to Tyra, Hayyz, Ary and Frejya for winning the gift card giveaway! Today I’m bringing you more fall goodness with Miss Chelsea at N21. I always love the quality of items Miss Chelsea creates, and this is no exception – plus the designs are pretty fashion forward while still […]

Blogiversary #4!

It’s my Blogiversary!!!! FOUR whole years ago today, I started this blog! It may have been on a different hosting site (blogger, whereas now I’m on wordpress), but I have managed to do almost a post a day for the duration of my four years as a blogger, and I feel like it’s changed my […]

Something wicked…

Somehow I managed to squeeze in on The Summoning event as a blogger, so be prepared to have a bunch more spooky stuff showing up here, Spoonies! The Summoning runs from October 24th to November 1st, and the line up is preeeetty epic, so go, run, right into the arms of the unholy creators making […]


MuggleBorn has done it again and produced this gorgeous bodysuit for the Fashion Fair at Ebody. It’s not available for ALL the bodies, and MuggleBorn Creator, Rosey has stated that sometimes, it’s just not possible due to rigging difficulties and or time constraints, which is perfectly reasonable considering the item still comes with all the […]


Still feeling these fall vibes and you can’t stop me!   Today I wanted to address boundaries, as there’s been a little bit of drama over facebook (and indeed, slightly more silently in my SL), so I felt like now would be a good time to discuss. Bear in mind I will always try to […]


I absolutely adore this outfit I put together today! I’m feeling all sorts of Halloween-Retro goodness! I was thinking that maybe i’ll start writing out some of my freaky rl stories with spirits involved, but I dunno how I feel about that yet – plus I just watched a super scary youtube documentary about some […]