The gift.

I caught myself today. After a night of no sleep and ridiculous facebook drama involving that one event we’re boycotting, I caught myself slipping into being fueled by social media opinions.

I just now realized this shit doesn’t matter. I mean, it does… this is SecondLife and it’s not ‘that deep’ but when you’re fucking with people’s real life money and real life passion, you should make a stand… but at the same time… it DOESN’T matter. There are plenty of events and now I have one less I’ll need to stalk. Solves a problem, actually.

Instead of leaving this on a negative note, I wanted to offer a little tidbit to bloggers. What we do can be hard sometimes, and unless you know the process you’re likely missing out on a bunch that goes on behind the scenes. Today’s post took me 4 hours to photograph. I took a picture yesterday that didn’t turn out how I wanted because my viewer was messing me around, but I wasn’t happy… so I tried again today. Meantime, I updated my viewer, reset all my settings, set up a new scene, and tried again… with this result. It still took me ages because again, my viewer was being dicky so I needed a bunch of patience, but I got there and even tried something a little different.

There are days when nothing goes right and you wonder why you do it, but deep down you know you love it so you push through and hope you’re learning and improving.

There are days when that one AMAZING photograph you lovingly took, painstakingly edited and posted gets under your regular ‘like’ amount on social media and you wonder where you went wrong.

There are days where that one brand you love will reject your blogger application and for a moment you might think you’re not enough.

There are days where you will unwillingly compare your progress or skill with someone more experienced, with more of the ‘right’ friends, with a more exuberant personality.

You are worth more than the sum of all these things. Let your passion guide you. Be an artist, regardless of your skill level. Love what you do for how it makes you feel while you’re doing it, not for the temporary gratification of a few likes, or one person’s opinion on your compatibility for their brand. Watch your growth, be proud of your journey and maybe, just maybe, someone you don’t even know will be inspired by what you’re doing, too – and that goes for ALL your hobbies. All your goals.

Make it a beautiful day, Spoonies. You deserve it.

All the things

Pose : FOXCITY. Bouquet (VIP Gift Mar 2017)

Flowers : Old group gift from Scandalize. Not sure if they’re still available.

Body : Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara

Head : LeLutka Bento Head-SIMONE 3.4

Skin : [ MUDSKIN ]_ANNA # BARE_104 @ Kustom9

Heart face tattoo : Avoixs / HEART blushes / Genus + Omega

Hair : tram F603 hair (This is an older mesh style)

Outfit : -Narcisse- Lizzo Garter & Thong @ FrouFrou

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