Today I’m joined by the absolutely gorgeous Cutie (that’s actually her name, not just her adorable factor). I’m very grateful for Cutie as she understands that I can be incredibly introverted, yet will reach out on occasion and give me a gentle poke to remind me that she’s still around – which is something that […]


I read a facebook post recently that went something along the lines of… “If your man tells you his ex is psycho, believe him.” I have so many problems with this, and it mostly stems from the fact I’ve been called psycho or crazy a bunch. The truth of the matter is yes, I am […]


Quickie today because I’m lazy, but this tattoo is beautiful! Thanks to Marte for being my Man-Dolly, his Tattoo is also from Dappa! xoxo


Hi! Have some skin things from Revoul! Yumei is available in a Genus and Omega applier, shown here on the classic head. She’s got 7 tones, all shown above in natural lighting. I feel a bit Nikita Dragun today, and that’s kinda weirding me out… More details? Check below! xoxo


I’ve never understood why 13 is unlucky, nor Friday the 13th. Instead of reading a ton of google about it today because I’m lazy, I’m going to tell you I slept all day, squeezed tuna brine on my tshirt while making dinner and then cracked my only baking dish because I left it on the […]

Who you are.

I haven’t been writing too much lately, and I think for the most part, that’s okay. We all need a little break sometimes. I did find out that someone thought that the contents of my writing equated to my over-reacting about little things that for the most part, don’t matter, and that’s okay too. Everyone […]

Company B.

I dunno who needs to hear this today, but if someone starts off by lying to you it’s very unlikely they’re gonna do anything but. Of course there are exceptions, but be effing careful, k? In the mean-time, Narcisse has put out this outfit heavily discounted at the flourish sales event which opens Sept 10th […]


I stole Durex again for today’s post, which was fun, because I don’t actually have a clue what is in his inventory, so trying to dress him like a human at a party was interesting! I know summer is winding down for a lot of us, but now is the time that I really enjoy […]


I’m kind of in love with how this picture came out. A lot of the time when I’m doing a thing, I have no idea what I’m doing until it’s done. I’ve learned to just go with it, and sometimes when it’s finished it’s what I envisioned. This is one of those times and I […]

Glow for me.

Avert your eyes! It’s not porn, it’s art! Seriously no idea what I’m talking about – which isn’t unusual. Check out Matt’s flickr >Here<, he’s awesome for being my man-dolly today! Make it a beautiful day, Spoonies. xoxo