Culprit MonoBike & Monocycle

I had such fun with this little project, and enlisted the help of Hayyz and Nait. If you take a look at the video vlog thingy, you’ll see just how much fun we had!

What it won’t show is us individually driving off the road and into the SL ocean because we’re secretly rubbish drivers, but it definitely happened to Hayyz (she also ended up in the air a few times), and at least once I was bounced against the side of the sim! We also worked out that if you click the vehicles, you get a bunch of options, including FLYING and speeding up using gears and generally just ran around like lunatics while filming, thank you Culprit for once again bringing the joy back to my SL with your creations!

All the things

Culprit items used :

Culprit Monocycle Sphynxie Flames

Culprit Monocycle Racer Blue

Culprit Monobike Apocalyptica (100L for Fly Buy Friday!)

Culprit Roswell Gas Stand **

Culprit Space Probe Stars

Culprit ModSquad Scooter Mirrors

Other things :

[Tampon Inside] Urban Road (REALLY OLD & PRIM!)


HPMD* Garden Tree


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