July 2019

Never again.

I’m sure those of you who have seen the video from Kerli’s Savages will recognize where I drew my inspiration from. Ever since I encountered

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Happy weekend Spoonies! Today I’m joined by Shaun. Shaun likes snacks, his babygirl, memes, the word “bonkers” and food themed clothing. He’s pretty awesome, as

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No regrets.

I had a really bizarre day yesterday, but the product of that bizarre day was this picture featuring Moss&Mink’s amazing kitchen! Every now and then

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Have hope.

I’m pretty much constantly disappointed in people at the moment. I mean, not everyone of course. I’ve managed to grab and hold on to a

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I had a nap today, which means I’ll probably be awake all night after I just sorted out my sleep schedule again. I’m nothing if

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Magical Girls.

Sometimes the beautiful people I blog for absolutely astound me with their creativity, and it stumps me for just a moment as to how to

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