June 2019

Show affection.

A little while ago, I removed someone I considered a friend from facebook. This might not be an unusual occurrence, but for me, it’s a

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Freebie Friday 003

Happy Friday Spoonies! It’s that time again, and I’m bringing you some free/cheapies and group gifts from around the grid! I’ve enlisted the help of

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What you need.

Hey Spoonies! I’ve been thinking today about the ways we show affection and love to others. I think I’ve spoken before about the different ways

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Time for tea?

    It was a little while ago that Culprit produced this gorgeous teacup ride, and I’ve been planning on doing a vlog for it

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It’s me.

There’s nothing I like more than wandering through unknown sims pretending like i’m Cathy from Wuthering Heights, and that’s exactly what happened when I put

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Being grateful.

I’m always pleasantly surprised when I realize it’s summer, and in SL there’s no better way to celebrate the heat than by throwing on a

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Good vibes

Hey Spoonies! Last month Anthem opened, and while you might be groaning at -another- event, I think it’d be fair to take a look at

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I’m bringing you yet another fairly clueless GOT post. Again, I’ve done a little research and I also picked at Potato’s brains while I could,

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