Hanging out.

Hey Spoonies!

This one’s gonna be filled with information, so be prepared to be flooded with new newness from the SL-verse!

First of all, i’m not sure if you’ve noticed but summer is well on it’s way. In the UK the last week or so has been HOT (for us, which is probably just comfortable for the rest of the planet) and I’m loving the sound of children able to play  outside and although my neighbour plays their weird music too loud, it’s definitely a sign that summer has arrived! Moss&Mink have popped out this beautiful heart-y shaped arch and hammock for Summerfest, and it’s gorgeoussss! The arch part can be used independently of the hammock and the hammock can be modified (shown in a cute video >Here< by Queen Moss&Mink herself) to fit any item you want it to! Naturally it comes in several different colour options from the moss&mink palette, and the fringe detailing is so stinking cute, i want to sit on the edge of the hammock and wiggle my toes by it to tickle them along with the sand!

The big ol’ Sand Castle you can see here is a bit of a surprise piece from Hextraordinary. I’ve decided to add a little vloggy type video whatsit to show exactly what happens when you click that castle, because you’ll find a few cute crabs popping from those doorways to delve into a fully choreographed crab dance! The crabs also come individually, I did find that once I’d rezzed the crabs they were a little difficult to grab hold of, but if you ctrl alt t to show the invisible prims, you’ll notice they are all attached to one and you can just pick it up from there.

Dappa and Narcisse haven’t failed us, either! The pretty rose-type tattoo from Dappa is available at equal10 and the bikini from Narcisse is an exclusive recolour for the florish event.

Have a beautiful Monday, Spoonies, I’ll be back to doing more mental health posts soon, but this last few weeks has actually tried my own mental health – I’ll be sure to tell you all about it! ♥ xoxo

All the things

Pickle wears :

Body : Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara

Head : GENUS Project – Genus Head – Baby Face

Skin : DeeTaleZ *Appliers* GENUS Head “Cybill” @ Access

Hair in Picture : *ARGRACE* TSUMUGI – Blacks (not sure if this is still available)

Hair in Video : *barberyumyum*69HF

Tattoo : DAPPA – Grace Tattoo. @ Equal10

Bikini : -Narcisse- Flourish Exc Ridley Bikini (4 recolours available) @ Flourish

Pose :

D.Luxx Poses – Hanging

Scene :

{moss&mink} Pixie Archway @Summerfest ’19

{moss&mink} Sadie Hammock @Summerfest ’19

*HEXtraordinary* Animesh Crab Kingdom Castle @Summerfest ’19

[DDD] Beach Boulder (FLF)

.peaches. Countryside Picnic – Picnic Basket & Cushions

DRD – Boho Fish Shack – Decorated Shack

:Fanatik Architecture: Rocks & Cliffs DOVER

hive // trawler boat wrecked

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