Be kind.


Aretha Franklin sang about it, most of us are constantly searching for it… but what is it to you?

I had a bit of a wobble this week, because I’d felt like someone had done something that wasn’t very respectful towards me. What it is in context isn’t really important, but when I discussed what I thought the problem was with someone else, they didn’t think there was any disrespect shown. If that’s the case and respect is subjective, how do we respect people we don’t know at all, and how can we get angry when they don’t give us the respect we think we deserve?

The only thing I can think of to suggest in many situations is practicing patience. I’m not very good with that. I tend to blow up first and then cool down and wonder how the fuck I got so het up to begin with. I’m still kinda angry about what happened and how -I- feel in terms of the ‘disrespect’ I feel I was shown, but that’s on me, and my mantra is “I am responsible for my feelings”. I’m almost certain that most people don’t go out of their way to be rude or show you a side of them that is less than pleasant as we all have a desire to be accepted and validated as people, especially if they consider themselves to be friends. There’s a lot of external influences that can affect our reactions to other people’s behaviours and sometimes we have to try and forget our feelings, and see the situation from their perspectives. It all takes time, forgiveness, patience and a little bit of trust and for many of us, those things don’t come easily.

Have a beautiful HumpDay my sweet Spoonies, remember to be kind to yourselves, and each other! xoxo


Here’s a look at the entire front portion of the gorgeous Dappa Tattoo and the Evani Jeans shorts. Two of my new fave items! ♥

All the things

Pose :

Amitie Couple Smoke 03

Rip wears :

Tattoo : DAPPA – Leviathan Tattoo. @ Man Cave Event

Pickle wears :

Body : [LEGACY] Meshbody with Deformers

Head : GENUS Project – Genus Head – Baby Face

Skin : DeeTaleZ *Appliers* GENUS Head “Cybill” @ Access

Eyes : {S0NG} :: Bubble Eyes

Eyebrows : Bossie. miki eyebrows [omega]

Lipstick : Bossie. stellar lip gloss

Ears : .random.Matter. – Natural Elfie Ear

Hair : DOUX – Nansi Hairstyle (deluxe) @ Tres Chic

Hairband : Magika – Kitty Wire Headband

Necklace & Choker : ROSSI. Lock Pendant Set

Shirt : LYBRA . KYLIE (Saturday Sale)

Shorts : evani. Mircella vintage shorts  @ Kustom9

Shoes : **UTOPIA@Design** – “BEATRIX”

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