I caught on facebook that Lelutka was looking for bloggers late last night, so I scurried over and applied, never expecting to be lucky enough to be chosen – but lo and behold, this little Pickle is a brand new sparkly blogger for the Lelutka brand, and I am squee’ing all over! It’s a pretty […]

Come to me.

I’m bringing back the pastels today and I’m also giving you a little quote I picked up… “People aren’t against you. They’re just for themselves.” I think that’s true of all of us. Yesterday I wrote that I was quite biased when it came to me – after all, if I truly believed I was […]

#FreebieFriday 004

Last time I did #FreebieFriday I explained how difficult it was to find items for males that were quality on a budget. This week, SL has come through for us and I took Durex out on the town to pick up some of the amazing items currently available! Hold on to your hats, Spoonies, because […]


The light at the end of the tunnel is a train! Not really. But it’d be typical if it were! I had an argument with a long standing friend yesterday. Apparently, I’m a horrible person because I made a series of mistakes over the past couple of weeks – and apparently even before then I […]


So I think I did it. I think I made a colourful av! Huzzah Pickle, you little multi-coloured gem! This last two days have basically been the culmination of my absolute stupidity. You know when you’re walking into a blazing building to rescue… no one, but set the rest of the world on fire? Yep. […]

Hanging out.

Hey Spoonies! This one’s gonna be filled with information, so be prepared to be flooded with new newness from the SL-verse! First of all, i’m not sure if you’ve noticed but summer is well on it’s way. In the UK the last week or so has been HOT (for us, which is probably just comfortable […]


I’ve been trying for a little while to put more colours together in my outfits. I don’t always succeed and that’s why you might have missed the colours in my blog – i’m just not confident with them, yet. I tend to work better with putting pastels together, so that’s what I’ve done today. These […]

Choose to love.

Pride has hit secondlife with a bang, with many creators throwing out group gifts to commemorate the occasion. While I’m not gay and can’t identify with the struggles, the violence and the general backlash many of the community deal with, I do believe that no matter who you are or what your gender or sexual […]

Be kind.

Respect. Aretha Franklin sang about it, most of us are constantly searching for it… but what is it to you? I had a bit of a wobble this week, because I’d felt like someone had done something that wasn’t very respectful towards me. What it is in context isn’t really important, but when I discussed […]

Love you to death.

I slept for about a thousand years last night, so I’m fully refreshed! YAY! Rip did an awesome version of this pose on his flickr, and you can find it >Here<, it’s well worth a fave! Have some credits and enjoy your Tuesday! xoxo