June 2019


I caught on facebook that Lelutka was looking for bloggers late last night, so I scurried over and applied, never expecting to be lucky enough

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Come to me.

I’m bringing back the pastels today and I’m also giving you a little quote I picked up… “People aren’t against you. They’re just for themselves.”

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The light at the end of the tunnel is a train! Not really. But it’d be typical if it were! I had an argument with

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So I think I did it. I think I made a colourful av! Huzzah Pickle, you little multi-coloured gem! This last two days have basically

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Hanging out.

Hey Spoonies! This one’s gonna be filled with information, so be prepared to be flooded with new newness from the SL-verse! First of all, i’m

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I’ve been trying for a little while to put more colours together in my outfits. I don’t always succeed and that’s why you might have

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Choose to love.

Pride has hit secondlife with a bang, with many creators throwing out group gifts to commemorate the occasion. While I’m not gay and can’t identify

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Be kind.

Respect. Aretha Franklin sang about it, most of us are constantly searching for it… but what is it to you? I had a bit of

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